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Supported DVR Tuners and Antennas

Tip! : Setting up and using a DVR or Live TV is a premium feature and requires an active Plex Pass subscription.

Cable and satellite TV subscriptions can be expensive and many people often forget that broadcast television is still free “over-the-air” (OTA) in most places. Anyone who wants a cheap and easy way to get programming from major and local networks can make use of digital TV. To make use of Plex DVR with OTA broadcasts, you’ll need both a DVR tuner device and an antenna.

If you do have cable service (and your cable provider uses CableCARD), though, you can still make use of a DVR tuner that supports CableCARD to let you view unencrypted/unprotected/DRM-free content! (Be aware that support for unencrypted channels can vary widely by cable provider and even by location within the same provider.)

Plex Media Server Platform Support

The DVR functionality is currently available when running Plex Media Server v1.4.1 or newer.

Be aware that if you run your Plex Media Server on a low-powered NAS device that doesn’t support transcoding, many apps will be unable to play recorded content. Over-the-air broadcasts are often in MPEG2 or other older formats, which few devices or apps can play directly (and would thus require transcoding in those cases).

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Supported DVR tuners can vary by region and operating system or device. Please refer to the following charts for tuner and operating system/device compatibility for Plex Media Server in different regions. The tuner names in the tables will link to the manufacturer’s website for each device.Some tuners below may require the most recent Early Access Beta Releases of Plex Media Server.

The following DVR tuner devices are supported in North America, where signals use the ATSC/QAM format. This refers to compatibility with the system running Plex Media Server.

The following DVR tuner devices are supported in regions where signals use the DVB-C, DVB-T, or DVB-T2 formats, such as Europe, Australia, Africa, and Asia. This refers to compatibility with the system running Plex Media Server.

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You will need to connect your DVR tuner to an antenna to be able to pick up the free digital over-the-air broadcasts.

Plex will work with any digital antenna, regardless of manufacturer. The best antenna for you can vary greatly based on a number of factors, including: your particular location, channels availability, and distance/direction from the broadcast sources. An “amplified” antenna may provide improved reception and allow you to reach more distant stations, particularly when using an indoor antenna.

I use an older Sony HD camera which offers 25P, 50i and 50P frame rates. 50P (.MTS) recorded internally and transcoded to Prores 422 25P with Convert v3 (uses PTS) results in excellent 50% slow motion but when I shoot 50i or 25P, I record externally to ProRes HQ 422. 'Non scientific' visual tests that I've conducted comparing the smoothness of the resultant pan, suggests recording 50i then running re-wrap to ProRes 25P with de-interlace checked - same sharp 25P image with smoother motion. You can download a free trial of Convert v3 and experiment: KNITWEAR Jumpers Cividini Explore Online Find Great Cheap Price fhtXABQ
4K Post Studio, Freelance Filmmaker, Media Writer Win10/Lightworks/Resolve 14.3/X-Keys 68 Jog/Shuttle/OxygenTec ProPanel 12G SDI Decklink 4K Pro/Calibrated 10bit IPS SDI Monitor HDvideo 4K .com

Dmitry Shijan

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Wed Jul 06, 2016 5:11 pm

There is a Time Shaper app it can help Eastbay Sale Online DESIGN crop vest with v back in black Black Asos Discount In China Buy Cheap Footlocker Pictures UjPbO8
It mimic film shutter look. It can work with 60fps source but not too perfect. Needs 120fps or more. There is also a lot of very useful info and research about film vs digital shutter in tech blog p.s. Actually RED acquire that film shutter hardware addon developed by these team.
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Michael Moore

Re: How to avoid motion artifacts at 24p/25p/30p?

Wed Jul 06, 2016 10:06 pm

I must to shoot this weekend a commercial with scene that happening to a lake (in wilde with birds and fishmans) but also some interiors to a building. I thinking to shoot wild scene at 50 fps for slow-motion with birds and fishes and specialy no jerky when i do pan and tilt, but what happend if i must to deliver this project at 25 fps? How i can transform the fluent 50 fps movie in a 25 fps movie without jerky pan and tilt? How i can use in same seqvence a 50 fps movie with a 25 fps movie?

Craig Marshall

Re: How to avoid motion artifacts at 24p/25p/30p?

Wed Jul 06, 2016 10:19 pm

Do you want to create a 25p video from your 50P source with 50% slow motion applied or not? If you are happy to have 50% slow motion, the best and smoothest solution I have found is to apply the Post Time Stamp (PTS) 50P to 25P speed change using Convert v3 (linked above) I prefer to apply these changes to footage before I go into the edit so I have all files correctly timecoded and reel numbered.
4K Post Studio, Freelance Filmmaker, Media Writer Win10/Lightworks/Resolve 14.3/X-Keys 68 Jog/Shuttle/OxygenTec ProPanel 12G SDI Decklink 4K Pro/Calibrated 10bit IPS SDI Monitor HDvideo 4K .com

Craig Marshall

Re: How to avoid motion artifacts at 24p/25p/30p?

Wed Jul 06, 2016 10:25 pm

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El Google Pixel 2 mejorará sus fotografías con actualizaciones en Google Play
El procesador de fotografías de los Google Pixel 2 y Pixel 2 Xl ha recibido una actualización a través de Google Play, la tienda de aplicaciones de Google.

Destacamos que cada reto tiene un apartado en el que se detalla toda la información necesaria, incluida aquella que corresponde a la situación en la que quedan nuestras fotografías una vez subidas a la plataforma , algo que es de agradecer en los tiempos que corren.

situación en la que quedan nuestras fotografías una vez subidas a la plataforma
Versión: 4.9.7
Autor: GuruShots Ltd.
Requiere 4.4 y versiones posteriores
Tamaño: 19M

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Aplicaciones Android
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31/03/2018 a las 20:41 UTC
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Hablar de “ Dónde está Wally ” es hacer referencia a uno de los juegos (o libros) que más éxito tienen desde su creación, en 1987. La mecánica la conocemos todos: un simpático personaje con gafas y jersey a rayas rojas que se esconde en un inmenso escenario plagado de personas. Hay que agudizar la vista, tener paciencia y encontrar a Wally . O a Waldo, nombre original de personaje. Pero ¿por qué hablamos de estos libros en una página de Android? Porque Wally llega a Google Maps.

MIC testing for the strains in this study. Download TABLE S1, XLSX file, 0.1 MB .

This content is distributed under the terms of the camel laceup leather hiking boots Offwhite Buy Cheap The Cheapest fd8q88fZB

View this table:

Plasmid replicons carried by the and strains


Beta-lactamase gene content of K. pneumoniae , , and . The phylogenetic relationship between strains based upon the presence of beta-lactamase genes is shown on a rectangular cladogram. Polymorphisms were called against the K. pneumoniae reference genome NJST258_2. are represented by circles, while are represented by squares. ESBL-producing are shown in red, while non-ESBL producing are shown in blue. To the right of the cladogram, the common beta-lactamase genes are shown. The first column lists the core genome SHV-OKP-LEN beta-lactamase: LEN in red, OKP-A in green, and OKP-B in blue. No SHV was found in the core chromosome. The most common allele(s) for OKP and LEN is represented with a darker shade of the primary color. The second column represents the plasmid SHV-OKP-LEN beta-lactamase content, with the most common allele SHV-12 in purple and all others in gray. The third column indicates the CTX-M-15 alleles in teal, with CTX-M-3 in gray. The fourth column shows the TEM alleles, with the most common allele TEM-198 in orange and all others in gray. The fifth and sixth columns represent the presence of KPC-2 and NDM-1 alleles in black, respectively.

Unexpectedly, one K. variicola strain (designated KPN1481; Cheap Price For Sale Mens Swim Shorts Olympia Fast Delivery For Sale Buy Cheap Good Selling Outlet Deals Cheap Prices Reliable codz6gHKG
) carried a plasmid, pKPN1481-1, with the New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase 1 (NDM-1) gene (GenBank accession numbers CP020847 to CP020852 ). This represents the first NDM-1-producing K. variicola strain to be reported. To better characterize the plasmid and strain containing the NDM-1 gene, it was sequenced to closure using single molecule real-time (SMRT) sequencing. Results confirmed the presence of the NDM-1 gene on pKPN1481-1, a 342-kb plasmid ( 18 ). Alignment of pKPN1481-1 to NDM-1 gene-containing plasmids from K. pneumoniae strains recovered from our health care system and elsewhere revealed extensive similarity ( 18 , 32 , 33 ). Importantly, the 10,273-bp region containing the NDM-1 gene was identical in sequence to four NDM-1 plasmids carried by K. pneumoniae isolates in our collection.

Gene content comparison between K. pneumoniae , K. variicola , and K. quasipneumoniae. We compared the gene content between our ESBL-producing K. variicola strains, K. quasipneumoniae strains, and 12 representative K. pneumoniae strains from our previously published collection ( 18 ). We identified a total of 30,075 unique genes present in the pangenome. A Klebsiella core genome was identified consisting of 2,800 unique genes that were present in >95% of the isolates. Most of the accessory genes were present in less than 15% of the isolates (23,334 genes; 77.5% of the total). A binary tree of accessory gene content demonstrates that the accessory gene content is largely differentiated by the three major clades, suggesting a clade-specific core genome for each ESBL Klebsiella species as well as the presence of unique mobile genetic content ( Fig. 6 ). This finding is further reinforced when considering the core genome of the K. variicola and ESBL-producing K. quasipneumoniae in our study. The ESBL-producing K. quasipneumoniae strains have a core genome of 3,338 unique genes, while the K. variicola strains have a core genome of 3,960 genes. This difference may be in part a reflection of the division of K. quasipneumoniae into two distinct clades. The presence of nif operon genes, which facilitate nitrogen fixation, has been associated with agricultural isolates of Klebsiella . We found nif genes present in 12/13 (92.3%) ESBL-producing K. variicola human isolates, 11/15 (73.3%) ESBL-producing K. quasipneumoniae isolates, and 10/12 (83.3%) non-ESBL-producing K. quasipneumoniae isolates, suggesting that nif genes may persist in isolates found in human infections . The presence or absence of select genes is included in Tables S2 and S3 .

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